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1. Global:eCommerce.ReverseChargeForVatToken (0%)
This tag is a token that is calculated dynamically and used with the orderLine property Ecom:Order:OrderLine.ReverseChargeForVat to indicate whether the price is in a reverse
/Dynamicweb template tags/General tags/Global template tags/Global:eCommerce.ReverseChargeForVatToken
Last update: 07-07-2014
2. Ecom:Order:OrderLine.ReverseChargeForVat (0%)
You can enable the reverse charge state by a query like this: &ReverseChargeForVatToken=<!--@Global:eCommerce.Reverse
/Dynamicweb eCommerce template tags/Shopping Cart V2/Order/Cart/Loops/Orderlines/Ecom:Order:OrderLine.ReverseChargeForVat
Last update: 07-07-2014