Note: The tags below are deprecated as of DW 8.6 - new syntax is described here


Returns an URL to the page that is selected in the email as unsubscribe page. If there isn´t selected an unsubscribe page then the system uses a hardcoded unsubscribe page.


The value is based on the Unsubscribe text and the Redirect after unsubscribe fields in the Unsubscribe window.
(Online Marketing - Email Marketing - Edit email - Advanced tab - Unsubscribe)


The EmailMarketing/EmailMessaging tags are not rendered for a normal page that is not used with Email Marketing. The tags are only rendered when the page is used in the context of an email from Email Marketing.

You can e.g. use the tags in a design page template and assign it to the page that you want to use for the E-mail marketing newsletter.


<a href="<!--@EmailMarketing:Email.UnsubscribeLink.Clean-->">Unsubscribe</a>

The tag output is like this: