Returns the number of points that the user gets from the specific visitor profile.


The value is based on the points from the rules in the Recognition rules section.

(Online Marketing Center > Profiles > Profile > Recognition rules - Selected rules)


[Reference] is a unique reference number for the visitor profile.


Profile 1:

Is logged in: 6 points

Is returning visitor: 5

Profile 2:

Is mobile user: 2 points

Profile 3:

Is returning visitor: 5 AND

Is website = DK website

Group points = 7 points

Profile 4:

Is mobile user OR
Search word = mobile cart

Group points = 3

The visitor gets 0 points if he doesn't meet the requirements for any of the profiles (e.g. he's visiting for the first time and uses a desktop and checks the NO website)

The visitor gets 11 points if he meets both requirements in Profile 1: "Is logged in" (6 points) + "Is returning visitor" (5 points)

The visitor gets 7 points if he meets both the requrements in profile 3 (grouped with AND): "Is logged in" and "Is returning visitor" (7 points for the group)

The visitor gets 3 points if he meets one of the requirements in profile 4 (grouped with OR): "Is mobile user" or "search word" (3 points for the group)

Primary and secondary profiles

If the user meets the requirements in profile 3 and 1, then these 2 profiles are the primary and second profiles:

Profile 3 = 7 points = primary profile

Profile 1 = 5 points = secondary profile

Primary and secondary profiles also have the tags Global:OMC.Visitor.PrimaryProfile.[extension] and Global:OMC.Visitor.SecondaryProfile.[extension], where extension is ID, Reference, Name and Points.