Dynamicweb Template Tags Reference

The Dynamicweb Template Tag Reference contains categorized lists of templates tags available when designing Dynamicweb HTML templates.

This reference is primarily for designers and developers working with Dynamicweb Templates.

Prior to working with Dynamicweb templates, it is recommended that you familiarize yourself with the related documentation located on our Documentation Portal.

In this reference template tags are grouped as follows:


Tags in this group supplement other tags, or are relevant to several tag groups or categories.


Tags in this group are related to controlling page elements and layout. This include templates for master pages, pages and page properties.


Tags in this group are related to controlling paragraph layout.


Tags in this group are related to controlling module output. This group contains a section for each Dynamicweb module that uses customizable templates. These may be subdivided into template categories, corresponding to selectable template options in the Dynamicweb administration.

The figure below shows an example of template options for the paragraph settings of the Dynamicweb Poll module. Poll.html uses tags from the Poll -> List category, while Poll_List.html uses tags from the Poll -> List element category.

Tag categories
Template options for the Dynamicweb Poll module.

  • List
    In general templates in the List category are used to display lists (usually rows) of element.
  • List element
    Lists in turn generally use templates in the List element category for each element (or row) in the list.
  • Element
    Templates in the Element category are generally used to show a single element on its own. Other categories are also used.